Experimental Project in Marine Biology (12 ECTS)

Year: 2nd

Semester: 1st

Code: 14331075

Coordinator: João Varela (jvarela@ualg.pt)

The main objective of the curricular unit Experimental Project in Marine Biology, hereinafter TEBM (acronym based on the Portuguese name of this unit), is to allow students to carry out different techniques in the area of Marine Biology. This will be attained by their participation in ongoing research activities. Upon executing the tasks of this unit, students are expected to have acquired the necessary skills for their future professional activity and a broader view of the types of research lines that can be found in Marine Biology. Another aim of this unit is to contribute to a more informed choice of the MSc thesis theme. If in doubt, please read the guidelines of the unit. The guidelines are now available in English too.



All proposals for TEBM themes must be sent to the Coordinator at the beginning of the academic year using the appropriate form below.


All proposals should be sent to the coordinator by the supervisor. Open themes can be sent to the coordinator to be published below.

For specific offers of training periods, you should contact several supervisors that are listed on the supervisors section.

Another way of searching for the right supervisor and theme is to look at the projects that were carried out in the past. Please check the Grades section, where you can download not only the grades of former students, but also the titles of their internships and the names of the supervisors.



This unit can include either four 3-ECTS internships or two 6-ECTS internships or one 12-ECTS internship or two 3-ECTS internships and one 6-ECTS internship. Each internship must be supervised by researchers with a PhD degree. A 3-ECTS internship has a total workload of 84 h, of which 42 h should be of supervised work. The remaining time corresponds to independent work which may include literature research on the chosen subject and report writing on the skills learned and, if need be, results obtained during the internship. In other words, TEBM corresponds to internships(s) with a total workload of 336 h with a 1:1 workload of supervised and independent work hours.


The final grade of each internship includes the evaluation of the written report (70% of the final grade) and the evaluation of the student's performance (30% of the final grade) according to the evaluation form below, which should be given to the supervisor. The supervisor should submit this form duly filled out to the Coordinator with their respective grades, which will be rounded to the closest decimal unit. The final grade of TEBM corresponds to the ECTS-weighted average of the grades of each internship rounded to the nearest integer.


TEBM Report Outline

According to the guidelines (section 4.2), 3-, 6- and 12-ECTS Internship reports should not exceed 5, 10 or 20 pages, respectively, in A4 paper, written with a one-and-a-half spacing, in "Times New Roman" font or equivalent, using a font size of 12pt. The report must include the following information:

  1. title of the internship;
  2. student's name;
  3. the name of the supervisor(s) and their affiliation;
  4. the institution where the activity took place;
  5. time completed with indication of days and hours of activity and respective number of ECTS of the internship;
  6. description of the work performed using appropriate sections according to the different stages of the learning process;
  7. applications of methodologies used to specific scientific objectives with indication of relevant bibliography; and
  8. in the case of 6- or 12-ECTS internships, the reports should contain a section of results and discussion.

Deadline of report submission to the supervisors and the coordinator: 31 January, 2020