Thesis Project (12 ECTS)

Semester: 1st

Code: 14331059

Coordinator: Luísa Barreira (

The curricular unit Thesis Project is for you to design and plan the activities for your thesis, which should conform to the scientific area and area of expertise of the MSc Thesis, namely: Natural Environment and Wildlife, including all aquatic ecosystems, Marine Biotechnology, Fisheries and Aquaculture. The activities should be supervised by one supervisor selected by the student. The main objectives of this unit are:

  1. a literature review of the current state of knowledge on the topic of the thesis;
  2. planning of the activities associated with the implementation of the thesis;
  3. the practical application of experimental techniques and other tools for the Thesis; and
  4. the presentation of the project in the form of a report and its public discussion

The skills to be developed during the Thesis Project are as follows:

  1. Collect and treat information in order to present it orally and in written form;
  2. Integrate information coming from different areas of knowledge;
  3. Plan and implement scientific activities;
  4. Apply, compare and select appropriate methodologies and tools to implement the thesis.


1 h for the presentation and public discussion + 10 h of supervised work + 325 h of independent work.

The student will use the time assigned as "independent work" to research the state of the art, methods to be used in the thesis, write the report and prepare the presentation for public discussion.


Registration of the thesis project is mandatory. Please download the registration form below, fill it in with the help of your supervisor and send it to no later than 30 November 2019.



The Thesis Project is evaluated by a report the student must deliver to her / his supervisor not later than 24 January 2020. In order to ensure that the reports are delivered on time send also a copy of the report to the Coordinator of the Thesis Project.

The final grade will be calculated by a panel of evaluators (usually the coordinators of the MSc programme) and the thesis supervisors.

The aforementioned report must be presented orally on 30-31 January 2020. This presentation is mandatory, as it corresponds to 20% of the final grade. The remaining 80% will correspond to the written report. The expected presentation should take 10 minutes followed by a 5-minute discussion.

The evaluation criteria are in the evaluation form that will be sent to your supervisor.


Report Structure

What the report should include:

  1. title and the name of the supervisors;
  2. keywords (up to 5);
  3. the name of the institutions where you are going to do your thesis - the University of Algarve should always be mentioned, as it is the institution that confers the MSc degree;
  4. Summary;
  5. Theme justification;
  6. State of the art;
  7. Objectives;
  8. Description of the tasks to be performed;
  9. Results you obtained so far, even if they are preliminary (optional);
  10. Gantt chart / timeline of the proposed tasks
  11. References

What not to do:

  1. Use and cite grey literature in your report (e.g. non-institutional websites, non-peer-reviewed articles, Wikipedia articles, etc.);
  2. Deliver assignments past the deadlines; or
  3. Write the report using a structure of a thesis / article instead of the recommended structure indicated above. This oversight is often penalized by the evaluation panel.