Internship (6 ECTS)

Semesters: 1st and 2nd

Code: 14331080

The objective of this curricular unit is to expose students to practical training and learning in a real life working environment, including internships in companies operating in the scientific area of the MSc programme.

There is no syllabus. This is a practical training course. Students will be integrated in a research group or in the research team of a company where you will receive training and carry out different tasks under supervision.

Although the supervisors must have a PhD degree or recognized merit in the scientific area of the MSc programme, in particular when the project is carried out in a company, the internship can be done anywhere in the world. If the researcher does not have a PhD degree, it will be mandatory for the main supervisor to hold such a degree.

The student must deliver a written report to be evaluated.



135 h of supervised work + 33 h of independent work, in general reserved for writing the report.


The registration of the internship is mandatory. Please download the registration form below, fill it out with the help of your supervisors and send to the coordinator in electronic format by email to



The evaluation will be carried out by the supervisor using specific criteria, which include the response of the intern during the supervised work and the written report in a proportion of 40% and 60% of the final grade, respectively.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The written report should be sent to the supervisor and the coordinator of the internship by email to be evaluated. This report should be sent together with the evaluation form you can download below.

Evaluation Form

To know the deadlines for the submission of the report, please go to the Report section below.


Structure of the Report:

The report should include at least an introduction describing the state of the art and the objectives, material and methods, and references. Unlike Field and Lab Methods, students should be encouraged to include results and discussion in the report. The entire report should not exceed 10 A4 pages, in font “Times New Roman” or equivalent, size 12, with a minimum line spacing of 1½. However, figures, references and tables do not count for the 10-page limit. For further details, please read the instructions in the registration form.

Deadlines for report submission:

1st Semester: 29 January, 2020

2nd Semester: 29 June, 2020