Scuba Diver Level 1 (3 ECTS)

Semesters: 1st and 2nd

Code: 14331077

Advanced Scuba Skills for Scientific Diving (3 ECTS)

Semesters: 1st and 2nd

Code: 18361013

Scientific Diving for Marine Ecology (3 ECTS)

Semesters: 1st and 2nd

Code: 18361014

There are several diving curricular units available @ UALG. One of those is Scuba Diver Level 1 for students without any certification or diving skills. An international certification according to the NP EM 14153-02 norm is available upon completing an additional training module and evaluation.

Only students certified as recreational divers (e.g., PADI Open Water divers or GUE Rec 1) will be able to take the diving course Advanced Scuba Skills for Scientific Diving. This course is equivalent to a GUE Fundamentals course. Certification is available upon completing additional training and evaluation.

Upon approval on the previous curricular unit, students can advance to the next level by taking the Scientific Diving for Marine Ecology unit.


Each diving course has a workload of 10 h of lectures + 20 h of practical classes + 54 h of independent work.


To apply to any of these courses, you must be physically fit and talk to Diogo Paulo or Nuno Padrão by sending an email to Alternatively, you can come by the CCMAR Diving Centre facilities in Bld. 7 in the west corridor, near the northwestern entrance. However, as Diogo or Nuno are usually away teaching, so be advised to send an email to them first to schedule a meeting.

If Diogo or Nuno approve you as a student for a diving course, you need to inform the MSc coordinator by sending an email to Without this registration, you will not be allowed to enroll in any of these courses.


Each course will be evaluated by a written exam (20% of the final grade), a report on the practical component of the diving unit (20% of the final grade) and diving performance (60% of the final grade).

Diving performance will be scored as follows:

  • 1 - Unsafe Diver (fail)
  • 2 - Cannot complete task (must repeat)
  • 3 - Task completed (approved)
  • 4 - Excellent performance (approved)

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